Saturday, 4 February 2012

Recently the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines held a service to the memory of all ranks of the unit who have given their lives in the service of Queen and country since 1971. Some of these men were known to me, and, more recently, to my son John, a WO2 in the corps at present, and in the colour party on the day of the dedication of a large granite stone, on which the names of the fallen have been chiseled.

John will be moving from 45 Commando to CTCRM in March. It is the custom to present the Sergeant's mess with a little something for the mess display cabinet, and he has asked me to make a vignette of the scene on the day of the dedication, using my own range of 54mm toy soldiers which I used to sell some years ago. Obviously, being an ex Royal, I tended to concentrate on RM figures, and still have some which I can use.

The making of the vignette will be the subject of future posts


  1. I look forward to seeing how you get on with vignette. I'm sure it will be a fitting addition to the Sergeant's Mess display cabinet

    1. Thanks for that. I will do my very best.

  2. Mate, this is an amazing model, well done. Having spent a few night in that Condor Sgt's mess, as a guest...I was an officer in the Corps for 30 years...I know how well you were hosted. The model is truly wonderful, it will without doubt be a valuable addition to the Sgt's Mess. Good effort Royal.
    PS: are you down south now, I live in Lympstone village now that I'm retired & about to start up my own painting & sculpting again!