Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Vignette - Making a start.

The photo shows the figures I am using to make the vignette for my son, his leaving present to the Sgt`s Mess. These are just some of the 54mm toy soldier figures I used to produce years ago as Pentland Miniatures, and I had to get my melting pot and casting machine out of mothballs again as I was short of the officer bodies.
I originally sculpted the masters without heads and arms, in various poses and uniforms. Three different heads and different arms made for many and varied permutations. The figures shown will be, (left to right) the commanding officer, subaltern Queen`s Colour, subaltern Regimental Colour, RSM, (the only one cast from a gravity mould as a one piece, minus head), WO2 (sonny boy) and two Colour Sergeants with SA80 at the slope. The arms for each are in front of the respective figure.
There is still some cleaning up to do before sticking the heads in place and attaching the arms, then I will give them a polish before priming them for painting. The Queen`s & Regimental colours will be the subject of another post, and the projected day for completion is Thursday night, March 1st, so I will have to knuckle down after coming home from work.


  1. Looking good, John! Will keep an eye out for your next post.


    1. It`s going to be a close one Simon. I am having to forego overtime at work so that I have the maximum time to complete this project.